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West Asia

Syria: Birth of a new US-Russian connection

Paper No. 5564                                         Dated 19-Sept-2013

Guest Column by Kumar David

The dramatic topic a few weeks ago was whether Obama would strike Syria but the next surprising development was that the US and Russia were close to agreeing on a UN Security Council resolution to strip Syria of its chemical weapons and use force under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter if Syria fails to obey; a 180 degrees turn by both.

IP Gas Pipeline: A road to stability

Paper No. 5547                                         Dated 19-Aug-2013

Guest Column by Muhammad Nawaz Khan

Pakistan is facing an acute energy crisis and there is a huge gap in demand and supply. Pakistan, being an energy deficient country, is hugely suffering both economically and socially.

Impact of Pak Elections on Ties with India.

Paper No 5489                                       Dated 11-May-2013

By B.Raman

There is a need to restrain euphoric expectations from the positive statements on relations with India coming out of some mainstream Pakistani political leaders such as Nawaz Sharif, former Prime Minister and leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML—N).

India Jettisons Strategic Partnership with Iran under United States Pressures-A Perceptional Analysis


Paper No. 5435                                                                     Dated 25-Mar-2013

By Dr. Subhash Kapila

“…the Singh Government’s shameful willingness to abandon the independence of Indian foreign policy for the sake of strengthening its strategic partnership with the United States”--- Excerpt from The Hindu, September 26, 2005 in a piece entitled ‘India’s Shameful Vote Against Iran.’

United States Strategic Blunders in Southwest Asia

Paper No. 5427                                Dated 18-Mar-2013

By Dr Subhash Kapila

“Order is preferable to disorder. Just consider what happened to Iraq after we toppled Saddam Hussein. The United States should not want Iraq’s immediate past to be a foretaste of the region’s future”---Robert Kaplan

Introductory Observations

Gaza & Israel: Time For Wisdom

Paper No. 5299                          Dated  18-Nov-2012

By B.Raman

What we are seeing in Israel and Gaza is not just a war. It is not just a ruthless exchange of fire.

It is not just missiles, air strikes and naval barrages.People are dying on both sides.

It is a struggle for survival. One is dying in order to assert one’s right to live.

One is dying in order to assert one’s right to land. It may be just a piece of graveyard.


Paper No. 1052                                                                  09/07/2004

by K. Gajendra Singh


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