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Xi Jinping

India-China Relations: Trust, But Verify

Paper No. 5785                                      Dated 15-Sept-2014

By Bhaskar Roy

There is a saying that those who do not learn form history are condemned to repeat it. Have the Indian political leaders forgotten those brief years of “Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai” (Indians and Chinese are brothers), and subsequent events which reverberate even today?

The New Cold War and India

China's new map

Paper No. 5764                                     Dated 13-Aug-2014

By Bhaskar Roy

The old cold war between the US and the Soviet Union, or the NATO and the Warsaw Pact countries, had some clear lines of division. China gradually moved from the anti-US camp to the anti-Soviet comp and in the course maximised its benefits, proving self-interest and not ideology was the essence.

China in the Multipolar World

Paper No. 5654                                        Dated 25-Feb-2014

Guest Column by Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi

China: Can Xi Jinping’s “Chinese Dream” Vision be realized?

Paper No. 5629                                       Dated 03-Jan-2013

By D. S. Rajan


Essentially, the “Chinese Dream” vision reflects the aspiration of the supreme leader Xi Jinping to transform the People’s Republic of China (PRC) into a strong and fully modernized nation by 2050, with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) playing a leading role.

“Mao Is Dead, Long Live Mao”

Paper No. 5626                                         Dated 01-Jan-2014

By Bhaskar Roy

Does the celebration of Mao Zedong’s 120th birth anniversary (Dec. 25) led by President and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chief, Xi Jinping reflect a silent message from the Third plenum of the 18th Central Committee held from November 9 to 11?

CHINA: Can Coming Political Conclave Resolve Internal Contradictions?

Paper No. 5594                                        Dated 07-Nov-2013

By Bhaskar Roy

The third plenary session of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is to be held from November 09 to 12. One will have to read the report of CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping and come to some conclusion.

China: Heavy Stress on ‘Ideological Struggles’ in the Run-up to November 2013 Party Plenum

  Paper No. 5572                               Dated 2-Oct-2013

 By D.S.Rajan

Indications are emerging that a politically sensitive phase may await China in the run-up to the forthcoming Third Plenum of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in November 2013. 


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