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President Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka: JHU fingerprints all over constitutional proposal

Paper No. 5851                                  Dated 26-Dec-2014

Guest Column by Dr Kumar David

Sri Lanka’s third showdown at UNHRC – Update No. 241

Note No. 710                                            Dated 03-Mar-2014

Col R Hariharan

Sri Lanka will face the flak at the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for the third time this week when the US fields its draft resolution on Sri Lanka’s accountability over its conduct during and after the Eelam War.

Sri Lanka: India’s CHOGM dilemma – Update No. 238

Note No.700                                               Dated 24-Oct-2013

Col. R. Hariharan

[This article includes Col Hariharan’s recent comments on the subject in various TV news channels,web and print media.]

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