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Sri Lankan Army

Review: Sri Lanka ‘We Will Teach You a Lesson: Violence against Tamils by Sri Lankan Security Forces’, Human Rights Watch publication, 2013

Paper No. 5904                                     Dated 02-Apr-2015

Guest Column by Prof. Charles Sarvan

This is a difficult document to read. Speaking figuratively, Shakespeare’s Macbeth said that he had eaten too much of horrors. So it is with reading one testimony, one horror, after another: an emotional revulsion sets in; a wish to set a mental distance, if not escape.

Sri Lanka: Falling out of love with the Army

Paper No. 5540                                     Dated 08-Aug-2013

Guest Column by Dr. Kumar David  

How quickly a besotted Sinhala public turned from adoration to angst of the country’s military and police has taken me by surprise.

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