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India-Sri Lanka Maritime Boundary

One up-man ship in Tamil Nadu Assembly on Kachchatheevu.

Paper No. 6138         Dated 25-June-2016

By V. Suryanarayan

The debate on the Governor’s address in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly was characterized by sharp exchanges between Chief Minister Jayalalitha and leaders of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). There was mutual mud-slinging and accusations as to who is at fault on the issue of ceding of Kachchatheevu to Sri Lanka. The debate was an attempt to demonstrate one up-man ship over the opponent.

Kachchatheevu – Political Opportunism to the Fore

Paper No. 5532                                       Dated 22-Jul-2013

Guest Column by Prof. V. Suryanarayan

Thirty nine years have elapsed since the signing of the India-Sri Lanka Maritime Boundary Agreement, 1974, which delimited the maritime boundary in the Palk Bay. As a consequence of delimitation the island of Kachchatheevu was gifted to Sri Lanka.

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