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Indian Navy

Indian Navy 2019- Formidable Imperatives of Indian Ocean Dominance:

Paper No. 6533                 Dated 29-April-2019

By Dr Subhash Kapila

The Indian Ocean in 2019 emerges as yet another arena of ‘Great Power Games’ in which intersect powerful maritime ambitions of China on one hand and India and the Western Powers on the other hand.  Implicit in ‘China Maritime Strategy 2015’ document articulating China’s global naval ambition is the centrality of Indian Ocean in China’s naval strategy.

China Rattled by Growing US-India Strategic Convergence on South China Sea Issues

Paper No. 6081                                Dated 01-Mar-2016

By Dr Subhash Kapila

Rattled by growing US-India strategic convergence on South China Sea issue, China in a manifestation of its imperial inclinations towards India has recently resorted to issuing proxy injunctions through its state-run media organ ‘The Global Times’ warning India to desist from any joint initiatives with the United States.

Kudos to the Indian Coast Guard on its 40th Raising day

Paper No. 6068                                 Dated 02-Feb-2016

Guest Column by Commodore RS VasanIN(Retd)

Today is celebrated as the Coast Guard raising day and the one this year will be commemorated as the fortieth raising day by all units of the Coast Guard in India.

India: International Fleet Review 2016

Paper No. 6063                                 Dated 25-Jan-2016

Guest Column by Commdore RS Vasan IN (Retd),

An Opportunity for India to show case Capacity, Capability and Intent of a Strong Vibrant emerging Maritime Nation in the 21st Century

India: Importance of Setting up of Radar Station at Narcondam:

Paper No. 5731   Dated      25-Jun-2014

By Commodore R.S.Vasan IN Retd.

Recent news report on Jun 12, 2014 has indicated that the new NDA Govt in India has finally cleared the setting up of a Coast Guard Radar Station at Narcondam. Narcondam is classified as a dormant volcanic island with a maximum height of about 712 meters and an area of 6.8 square kilometers (Map & Photos attached as a file).        

South China Sea: Indian Navy Operational Cruise

Paper No. 5500                                       Dated 29-May-2013

By Dr. Subhash Kapila

The Indian Navy has sent 0n May 2013 a four ship naval flotilla comprising of the following ships to the South China Sea on an operational cruise:

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