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China: Disquiet in the PLA?

Paper No. 6132                   Dated 22-June-2016

By Bhaskar Roy

A recent article in the Peoples’ Liberation Army’s (PLA) flagship newspaper,The Liberation Army Daily  (LAD) underscored the point that political correctness supercedes all else. The article was republished by other top official news media such as The people’s Daily, which is the mouthpiece of the communist party, and a gist of the critical elements of the message was posted on the internet.

Politics of China’s Military Reorganization

Paper No. 6092                                Dated 30-Mar-2016

By Bhaskar Roy

China: 9th Defence White Paper- A Departure from the Past

Paper No. 5947      Dated 7-June-2015

By Bhaskar Roy

India-China Relations in Uncomfortable Zone

Paper No. 5793                                          Dated 23-Sept-2014

By Bhaskar Roy

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid out the red carpet for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first visit in his new capacity to India (Sept. 18-20).

India-China Border issue and the Modi-Xi talks

Paper No. 5791                                       Dated 19-Sept-2014

By Col. R. Hariharan

[Here are the answers to two questions raised by an overseas newspaper on the future progress of India-China border issue after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping had formal talks for the first time on September 18, 2014.]

1.  How is the momentum for the border talks going after the statements by the two leaders?

China:PLA: Implementing the CCP Mandate

Paper No. 5558                        Dated 15-Sep-2013

By Col. R. Hariharan

China: Xi Jinping’s Foreign Policy – Expect No End to Assertiveness

Paper No. 5539                                        Dated 07-Aug-2013

By D. S. Rajan

This article approaches the subject using a twofold methodology -    first towards tracing the history of foreign policy evolution in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) covering the period till to date, providing the required basic data and the second aiming to assess how the policy worked at each stage and what are its implications for future.  

Foreign Policy Evolution


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