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China’s Brinkmanship on Dalai Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh

Paper No. 6242                               Dated 12-Apr-2017

By Bhaskar Roy

China has periodically raised the issue of Arunachal Pradesh as a disputed territory, and linked it to the resolution of India-China border issue.  It has always protested visits by senior leaders to Arunachal Pradesh, especially to Tawang, where the Galden Namgyal monastery is located. 

China’s Warning: Give us Tawang, or else

Paper No. 6229                                  Dated 08-Mar-2017

By Bhaskar Roy

India-China relations have broadened over the years with not a single shot fired along the disputed borders since the signing of the Peace and Tranquillity Treaty between the two sides.  Military exchanges and other high level visits have become a regular affair.  There is convergence of interest in several regional and international affairs.

Advancement in Sino-India Relations Centre around Border Issue: NSA

Paper No. 5936                                 Dated 25-May-2015

By Bhaskar Roy

“All advancement in bilateral relations that we make vis-à-vis China centre around the border dispute. Maintenance of peace on the border is important for this”. This observation was made by the Indian National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval while addressing the Border Security Force (BSF) raising day on May 21.

China’s Objections to Visits to Arunachal Pradesh by Indian Leaders Remain Moderate

Paper No. 5879                              Dated 24-Feb-2015

By D. S. Rajan

It cannot be denied that the main purpose of China’s latest protest to India on Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh is to reinforce its border claim, especially at a time when preparations are afoot for the first official visit of the Indian leader to the PRC in May 2015 and a proposal for a new code of conduct on border management is under discussion between the two sides.   

A Considered Shift in Chinese Position on India-China Border?


Paper No. 5460                                          Dated 15-Apr-2013

By Bhaskar Roy

While in Durban, South Africa, recently to attend the BRICS summit, new Chinese President Xi Jinping told (Mar.27) The Xinhua news agency that “China and India should improve and make good use of the mechanism of Special Representatives to strive for a fair, rational solution framework acceptable to both sides as soon as possible”.

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