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Maritime Security

Japan’s Security Challenges and its Deterrent Military Posture:

Paper No. 6471 .             Dated 16-Dec-2018

By Dr Subhash Kapila

Japan facing comprehensive threats from a militaristic China and its nuclear proxy North Korea has finally woken up from its Peace Constitution Article 9 slumber realising that the ‘China Threat’ to Japan’s National Security is real and embarked on review of reinforcing its deterrent capabilities both in terms of military hardware and operational doctrines.

BIMSTEC at 20 - Traditional and Non-Traditional Maritime Security Threats

Paper No. 6095                                 Dated 07-Apr-2016

Guest Column by Commodore RS VasanIN (Retd.)

(Paper presented at the conference on "BIMSTEC at 20: Agenda for 2017 and Beyond" conducted by CSIRD, IFPS and BIMSTEC at Kolkata on 28th and 29th March 2015)

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