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India-China Relations: Trust, But Verify

Paper No. 5785                                      Dated 15-Sept-2014

By Bhaskar Roy

There is a saying that those who do not learn form history are condemned to repeat it. Have the Indian political leaders forgotten those brief years of “Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai” (Indians and Chinese are brothers), and subsequent events which reverberate even today?

60th anniversary of the Panchsheel: China’s Stand on Border then and Now

Paper No. 5738                                      Dated 03-Jul-2014

Guest Column by Dr. B. R. Deepak

In view of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence (Panchsheel) between India and China, the year 2014 has been declared as the year of friendly exchanges, and various activities have been planned throughout the year as part of the celebrations.

“Right of Return” - Tibetan Refugees

Paper No. 5728                               Dated 23-Jun-2014

By Dr. Parasaran Rangarajan

Tibet: Human Rights Violations

Paper No. 5700                                        Dated 13-May-2014

Dr. Parasaran Rangarajan

Examining Tibet today, the first topic of concern to the international community is spread through the voice of H.H. Dalai Lama and Tibetan government-in-exile; human rights. One cannot overlook the frequency of self-immolations being committed by peaceful Tibetan Buddhist monks who seek to bring attention to the situation in Tibet.

CHINA: Debating a New Tibet Policy

Paper No.5523            Dated 8-July-2013
By Bhaskar Roy
An interview by Professor Jin Wei of the Central Party School to the Hong Kong weekly Asia Weekly published on June 09, 2013 on the Tibetan issue and the Dalai Lama have stirred the Tibet watching community the world over.  

Tibet Freedom Movement Intensifies Through Incessant Self-Immolations

Paper No 5518                                            Dated 28-June-2013

By Dr Subhash Kapila

The Freedom Movement in China Occupied Tibet may soon be heading towards a “Tipping Point” if Chinese forcible suppression of the peaceful freedom movement is not restrained. The incessant self-immolations with dying slogans   of “Freedom for Tibetan People” and “Dalai Lama Must Return, refuse to die down despite Chinese suppression.

Xinjiang-Tibet: Continuing Weaknesses in China’s Peripheral Security


Paper No. 5471                                              Dated 25-Apr-2013

By B. Raman

Ten Uighurs, three Hans and two Mongols working for the Ministry of Public Security in Xinjiang and six Uighur separatists were killed on the morning of April 23, 2013, in an incident in the Selibya Township in the Bachu county, in the Kashgar area of China’s Xinjiang province. The area of the incident is near Xinjiang’s borders with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.


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