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Al Qaeda

Shades of Terrorism: War against Terrorists is not a War on Islam

Paper No. 6284                                    Dated 01-Aug-2017
By Kazi Anwarul Masud 

Al Qaeda and ISIS in South Asia

Paper No. 5970                                  Dated 14-Jul-2015

By Bhaskar Roy

The recent arrest (July, 02) pf 12 militants in Dhaka, Bangladesh, including the resident co-ordinator of the Al Qaeda in South Asia (AQIS) may not be a total surprise for counter-terrorism experts, but it is an eye-opener for the people of South Asia.

The Threat of ISIS and the Global Response

Paper No. 5769                                Dated 17-Aug-2014

 By Kazi Anwarul Masud                          

Once again another Islamic radical group has arisen from the sands of the Middle East to wreck havoc in an already disorderly world.  Surprisingly this group has forced its way into internecine fights in Iraq and Syria to carve a "state" that goes beyond terrorism.

Iraq: Ten Years After Invasion:

Paper No:  5726                               Dated 19-Jun-2014
By Kazi Anwarul Masud
Many would argue that Bush-Blair invasion of Iraq was perhaps one of the greatest strategic mistakes ever committed because of a myopic view of then global situation and showmanship of an "imperialist" power play.

Boston Marathon Bombing- Questions Sans Answers

Paper 5465                                            Dated 20-April-2013

By B.Raman

Two Chechen brothers living in the US since 2002—Dzhokhar ( 19) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev ( 26),  are suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon on April 15,2013, in which three persons were killed and over 150 injured.

Pressure Cooker Bomb near Boston Marathon Finishing Line---I am Confused


Paper No. 5463                                     Dated 17-Apr-2013

By B. Raman

I am confused by reports of the perpetrator or perpetrators of the Boston blasts on April 15, 2013, having used a pressure cooker bomb.

2. A pressure cooker bomb is a conventional type of improvised explosive device (IED) of the 1990s vintage. It can be used to cause high casualties through low intensity explosives by packing it with shrapnel. The exploding part of the cooker will add to the shrapnel effect.

Boston Marathon Explosions

Paper No.5462                                      Dated 16-April-2013

By B.Raman

THE FACTS: As reported by the BBC and the CNN:


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