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Sri Lanka

Karuna in Politics: Old War Horse in A New Mantle

    Paper no. 1148      19. 10. 2004

Guest Column-Col R Hariharan (retd.)

SRI LANKA: Current Situation: the broad picture- Update 70.

   Note no. 245      30. 10. 2004

by Dr. S. Chandrasekharan

Despite several visits of special envoys of both Norway and Japan, the peace process continues to be stalled. The Japanese special representative Yasushi Akashi has just visited Colombo after meeting the officials and the political leaders in an effort to restart the process. He also completed the usual task of briefing the Indian officials at Delhi on his return! And nothing more!


   Paper no. 1165            13. 11. 2004

Guest Column-Col R Hariharan (retd.)

(This may be read in continuation of the earlier SAAG paper No 1148 published on 19.10.2004)


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