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Sri Lanka

Tamil extremists in de facto alliance with Lanka regime

Paper No. 5667                                       Dated 20-Mar-2014

Guest column by Kumar David

Some things are difficult to believe; occasionally they are out of this world, but some are this-worldly perfidious realities. Increasingly vocal UFO-nuts insisting that MH 370 was abducted by aliens to a far away star-cluster fit the first group.

Sri Lanka: Does America want regime change?

Paper No. 5665                                        Dated 13-Mar-2013

Guest column by Kumar David

In my considered view the US is keeping its options open; it will not get so deeply involved in the pandemonium in Geneva unless it has a game plan. Its Sri Lanka (SL) resolution at the UNHRC has taken centre stage; briefings and lobbying overshadow everything else in the corridors.

India must Cosponsor UNHRC Resolution on Lanka

Paper No. 5658                                      Dated 04-Mar-2014

Guest column by Kumar David

It makes no sense for India to pussyfoot in the way it has been doing for the last five years.

Sri Lanka’s third showdown at UNHRC – Update No. 241

Note No. 710                                            Dated 03-Mar-2014

Col R Hariharan

Sri Lanka will face the flak at the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for the third time this week when the US fields its draft resolution on Sri Lanka’s accountability over its conduct during and after the Eelam War.

Sri Lanka: Sobitha Thero’s Advances and Retreats

Paper No. 5645                                        Dated 11-Feb-2014

Guest column by Dr. Kumar David

Venerable Maduluwave Sogitha Thero is a highly respected Buddhist monk and chief incumbent of the Kotte Naga Vihare. He is particularly well known for a campaign on good governance and a group under his leadership also produced a set of proposals to amend the constitution.

Sri Lanka: Anura Kumara takes over JVP at vital time

Paper No. 5643                                       Dated 05-Feb-2014

Guest column by Kumar David

The JVP has made a good choice in Anura Kumara Dissanayake, not least because he shares with this columnist an excellent set of initials, AKD!

My Experience as head of intelligence with the IPKF

Paper No. 5641                                       Dated 03-Feb-2014

By Col. R. Hariharan

Interviewer: Parasaran Rangarajan, Editor, International Law Journal of London


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