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ASEAN REGION: India Needs to Stand Strategically Tall


Paper No. 5332                                                   Dated 20-Dec-2012

By Dr. Subhash Kapila

“In the present day, the issues are no longer of parochial interest. Freedom of navigation and lawful commerce are universal interests. The statement of the Admiral (Indian Naval Chief) is a confirmation that it is a problem (South China Sea disputes escalation by China) that India cannot turn its back on”.-----Jejomar Cabanatuan, Vice President, Republic of the Philippines, December 18, 2012

Vietnam-India Strategic Partnership 2012: A Contextual Analysis


Paper no. 5328                                               Dated 14-Dec-2012

By Dr Subhash Kapila

“ In the current context, cooperation in this field(strategic ties) should be enhanced to cope with challenges, such as terrorism, transnational crimes, maritime security and safety, including the increased friendly exchanges between the two armed forces”.-----Vietnam President Truong Tan Song, October 09, 2011

Introductory Observations

SOUTH EAST ASIA: Strategically ‘The Great Game” is in Swing


Paper No. 5315                                             Dated 28-Nov-2012

By Dr Subhash Kapila

Introductory Observations

The geostrategic significance of South East Asia needs no introduction. This region was the cynosure of strategic attention during the heyday of the Colonial Era. The Second World War highlighted it further when Japan swept through the region to the very gates of India.

STRAITS OF MALACCA : Security Implications

Paper no. 1033     18. 10. 2004

by C.S.Kuppuswamy

INDONESIA: The fledgling democracy

Paper no. 1056                  13. 07. 2004

by C.S Kuppuswamy

“Democracy, however imperfect, is on a roll in Indonesia”

- W. Scott Thompson

 Indonesia and Recent Elections:


Paper no. 1113      12. 09. 2004

by  B.Raman

One must avoid an over-interpretation and an over-assessment of the suspected car bomb explosion outside the Australian Embassy at Jakarta on September 9,2004, which caused the death of nine persons and injuries to over a hundred others, most of them innocent civilians.

INDONESIA: Votes for change

  Paper no. 1124      27. 09. 2004

by C. S Kuppuswamy


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