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“Chinese Tips” 


Paper no. 5205                                                                             11-Sept-2012

By Bhaskar Roy 

The visit of Chinese Defence Minister Liang Guauglie to India in the first week of September demands a fine dissection.  It was, after all, the visit of Chinese defence minister to India in eight years, the last being in 2004.  Pranab Mukherjee was the last Indian defense minister to visit China in 2006. 

Denial of Pakistani Visa to Praveen Swami

Paper No. 5204                                                             10 Sept 2012

By B. Raman 

There are no saints in matters relating to visas. And there are no heroes either.

2. We should avoid an immature and juvenile song and dance over the refusal of a visa by the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi to Shri Praveen Swami, who heads the Delhi office of “The Hindu”, to enable him to accompany Shri S. M. Krishna, our Foreign Minister, during his just concluded visit to Pakistan.

General Elections in Nepal - a Preliminary Assessment:



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