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MYANMAR: Obama’s Visit – Was it Significant, Symbolic or just a Diplomatic Exercise?

Paper No. 5308                                    Dated 23-Nov-2012

By C.S. Kuppuswamy

“It (Obama’s visit) is certainly not long overdue, nor is it premature. The US has been a good friend to the movement for democracy in Burma. Whatever they are doing they are doing with the intention of promoting democracy, rather than endorsing any particular regime” – Aung San Suu Kyi

Glimpses into China’s Foreign Policy

Paper No. 5305                                     Dated 22-Nov-2012

By Bhaskar Roy

The 18th congress of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) mapped out the skeletal structure of China’s foreign policy.  Outgoing CCP General secretary Hu Jintao in his political report (Nov.08) to the Congress expressed willingness to cooperate, but was also emphatic that not an inch will be given to outside pressures where China’s sovereignty, security and development interests were involved.

Obama in Myanmar: The Reality & the Mirage

Paper No. 5302                                          Dated 19-Nov-2012


Myanmar- Suu Kyi's visit to India

Paper No. 5301                                           19-Nov-2012                     

By C. S. Kuppuswamy

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi visited India from 13-18 November 2012. During the visit, in New Delhi, she met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Vice president Hamid Ansari, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Minister for External Affairs Salman Kurshid, Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai and speaker of Lok Sabha Meira Kumar. 

China's Super Leaders Unveiled: Tough Road Ahead

Paper No. 5300                                   Dated 19-Nov-2012

By Bhaskar Roy

On the morning of November 15, seven Chinese leaders led by Xi Jinping strode on to the red carpeted podium in the Great Hall of the People. These members of the newly elected members of the Standing Committee of the Politburo (PBSC) of the 18th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee.

Gaza & Israel: Time For Wisdom

Paper No. 5299                          Dated  18-Nov-2012

By B.Raman

What we are seeing in Israel and Gaza is not just a war. It is not just a ruthless exchange of fire.

It is not just missiles, air strikes and naval barrages.People are dying on both sides.

It is a struggle for survival. One is dying in order to assert one’s right to live.

One is dying in order to assert one’s right to land. It may be just a piece of graveyard.

BHUTAN: Getting Ready for the 2nd General Elections: Update No. 95

Note No. 667                                   Dated 15-Nov-2012

By Dr. S. Chandrasekharan.

Though still a few months away, Bhutan is in the grip of the "election fever." Four new political parties are likely to join the fray. Even candidates for some of the constituencies are being discussed in the media.

What should be worrying the government is not about democracy which is taking deep roots, but the economy that still appears to be in trouble.


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