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RICIN IN INDIAN CONTEXT : Could become a potent weapon in the hands of terrorists.

Paper no. 583          14. 01. 2003

by Sangeeta Debashis

(This paper may be read along with another paper already published in\papers6\paper580.html)

The residue of the ricin on the production process, not the ricin itself seized from Green Wood, London has shocked the world and alerted a possibility of its use by the terrorists.

Indian Banking Scenario: Need for a revolutionary approach towards privatization

Paper No. 75

Political stability and Economic Growth: Time for Political parties to junk their ostrich like attitude:

           Paper No. 81

Political uncertainty, no doubt, is an investor’s nightmare. It does disturb the flow of foreign direct investment plans both into the private sector as well as the government owned public sector units and that surely affects economic growth.

India's Nuclear Command and the Force Preparedness for NFU

 Paper no. 589          22. 01. 2003

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra     

This paper is an attempt to address critical doctrinal implementation deficiencies in India's Nuclear Command pattern. The Indian nuclear posture of "no first use" (NFU) has undergone considerable revision since August 1999, but appears unworkable given the exiting arsenal of nuclear weapons’ readiness.

Iraq War: WMD capability and disarmament.

Paper no. 641        25. 03. 2003


by Sangeeta Debashis


    Paper no. 654          07. 04. 2003

by B. Raman

Globalisation versus Swadeshi - A tricky problem for Vajpayee

Paper No. 134                                                    

by  R.Upadhyay


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