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Paper 597                                04.02.2003


by B. Raman

Bangladesh’s Micro Credit : Millennium's recipe for poverty alleviation


Paper 616                                                         24.02.2003


by  Jyoti M. Pathania


“ We believe that poverty does not belong to a civilized human society. It belongs to museums” Mohammud Yunus

India & Bangladesh - Migration Matrix- Reactive and not Proactive


Paper 632                                                       17.03.2003

by Jyoti M. Pathania

“The massive illegal immigration poses a grave danger to our security, social harmony and economic well-being.  We have compromised on all these aspects so far. It is time to say enough is enough.” Recommendation of National Security System, Feb. 2001.

BANGLADESH: Operation Clean Heart


Paper 674                             01.05.2003

by Jyoti M Pathania 

Bangladesh 8th Jatiya Sangsad: A Review


Paper 707                             05.06.2003

By Jyoti M. Pathania 


BANGLADESH: Non-traditional security


Paper 751                                                     30.07.2003

By Jyoti M. Pathania 

Environment - Unconventional Threat To Bangladesh


Paper 799                                        26.09.2003

by Jyoti M Pathania


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