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BHUTAN- Update No. 5. : The Refugee question:


FBI in New Delhi

Note No.36

[ Some may have missed the Hindustan Times front page story by Jay Raina on 22 September 1999. It is reproduced at the end. ]

The story is too brief and does not give much details, but it is probably due to the nature of the story. It may also be due to the fact that the country is in what is quaintly described as "election mode".

BHUTAN- update No. 4



BHUTAN- Time for a New Initiative


Bhutan- the Refugee question- An update


Note No. 8                                          19.1.1999


The Problem of Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal- Role for India?


Note No. 4                                      08.10.1998

Dr. S.Chandrasekharan

Kargil Committee Report and Intelligence

Note No. 91


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