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NEPAL UPDATE NO.10: The Palace massacre on June 1 and its after math


Note No. 127                                   08.06.2001

by Dr. S. Chandrasekharan

In a macabre and bizarre incident, on the evening of June 1st, a drunken crown Prince Dipendra wiped out the entire royalty at the Narayanhitty Palace, Kathmandu.  Prince Gyanendra the only direct survivor of the royalty was crowned as King on June 4.

NEPAL UPDATE NO. 9- Mayhem in Rukumkot and Dailekh.


Note No.124                                      10.04.2001

by Dr. S. Chandrasekharan

NEPAL - update no. 8: Problems galore


Note No. 121                             21.02.2001

by S. Chandrasekharan

NEPAL:update No.7- The Maoists make a devastating attack at Dolpa:


Note no. 116

by  S.Chandrasekharan

Maoists strike with a vengeance:

NEPAL: Update no. 6: Koirala’s visit ends up as an "agenda free trip":


Note No. 112                                 

by  S.Chandrasekharan    

Koirala’s week long visit to India: It is said that Public memory is short. But the institutional memory of the Indian government cannot be short.

NEPAL: update no.5: Nepali Congress needs serious introspection:


Note No. 102

by S.Chandrasekharan    




Note No. 14

              Do Indian Nukes inhibit improvement ?


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