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NEPAL: Current Situation- reality check 2- Update 58.

Note No. 247                                                                               11. 12. 2004


by Dr. S. Chandrasekharan

NEPAL: Current Situation- reality check 2- Update 58.

Note No. 244            22. 10. 2004

by Dr S.Chandrasekharan.

With the Maoists declaring cease-fire for nine days for Dasain and the government reciprocating, it is time to make a reality check of the current situation in Nepal, the performance of the Deuba government and the state of law and order.

India - Myanmar Strategic Partnership: Indian Imperatives

Paper no. 197

by Dr. Subhash Kapila

MYANMAR-CHINA COOPERATION: Its Implications for India

Paper no. 596          03. 02. 2003


by C. S. Kuppuswamy

MYANMAR: Winds of change but still no hope for democracy

Paper no. 774                                    28. 08. 2003

by C. S. Kuppuswamy

MYANMAR: The Stalemate Continues

Paper no :803            28. 09. 2003

by C. S. Kuppuswamy

Despite increasing international pressure, the military junta in Myanmar is unperturbed and has not given any indication for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi.  Gen Khin  Nyunt who was appointed Prime Minister in end August 2003 has announced a seven-point “road map to democracy”, which is more of a repeat dose of the earlier efforts for holding a convention to amend the constitution and holding of fresh elections.  His intention is clear.  Prolong the Tatmadaw’s (Army’s) hold on the country.  

INDIA-MYANMAR: flourishing ties

Paper no.902            23. 01. 2004


by C.S Kuppuswamy.

This may be read in conjunction with Paper No. 162  " Indo-Myanmar Relations- A volte face" and Paper No. 197  " India-Myanmar Strategic Partnership: Indian Imperatives" posted on this site.


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