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Can India Regain its Lost Glory?

Paper No. 747                                                       17/06/2004

Guest Column:  By Rajesh Tembarai Krishnamachari

Entente Tri-parti: Triangular Alliances Involving India

    Paper no. 829          03. 11. 2003

 Guest Column-By Rajesh Tembarai Krishnamachari 

A New Paradigm: Building a Civilization through Wealth Creation

Paper no.860          12. 12. 2003

Guest Column-by Moorthy Muthuswamy PhD

What is Wealth Creation?

Call For An Intellectual Kshatriya

    Paper no. 883          06. 01. 2004

Guest Column-by Rajesh Tembarai Krishnamachari 


BPO Backlash in USA & UK and Elections Year Politics

    Paper no. 900          21. 01. 2004

 Guest Column- by Hari Sud.

Talks with Pakistan: Overcoming Prithiviraj Syndrome

    Paper no. 901          23. 01. 2004

  Guest Column- by Moorthy Muthuswamy PhD 

Getting the Big Picture Right

Call for A Vanijyik Kshatriya

  Paper no. 906          28. 01. 2006

Guest Column-by Jagdish Narayan Pandey

This is a sequel to an earlier paper “ Call For an Intellectual Kshatriya”- by another IITian from Chennai. -Director 


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