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Pakistan: Why is Musharraf Smiling these Days?

Paper no. 1188            13. 12. 2004

Guest Column-by Hari Sud

(The Views expressed are his own and not of SAAG)


Note No. 1193           20. 12. 2004

by B.Raman

( Text of the comments sent by the author on December 19,2004, in reply to a query from an Italian journalist regarding possible Pakistani nuclear assistance to Saudi Arabia)

NEPAL CRISIS: Deuba takes over as Prime Minister: what next? Update 48.

Note No. 227           04. 06. 2004

by Dr. S. Chandresekharan

NEPAL: Deuba’s ministry finally takes shape: Update 50

Paper 229                                                      07. 07. 2004


by Dr. S. Chandrasekharan.

It is to the credit of Prime Minister Deuba that he managed to convince the King on one side and a few of the political parties on the other to join him to patch up a reasonably representative government with the UML (United Marxist League), RPP (Rashtriya Praja Tantra Party) and NSP (Nepal Sadbhavana Party)- Mandal factions..

NEPAL IN CRISIS: Deuba needs all help and support. Update 51.

Note No. 232           20. 07. 2004

by Dr.S.Chandrasekharan

It is not clear what G.P.Koirala is up to? His recent statements and his action give the impression that he is more keen to pull both Deuba and the King down rather than finding a lasting solution to the Maoist problem which has now assumed serious proportions.

NEPAL: Deuba is yet to settle down-Is he the problem? Update 52.

Note No.234         05. 08. 2004


by Dr. S. Chandrasekharan

It is almost two months since Deuba took over as Prime minister. Just a month ago he expanded his ministry with thirty-one ministers. The ministry he announced was the closest he could have had as a representative government not withstanding the fact that GP Koirala’s Congress had refused to join. Except for strong and sometimes wild statements from the constituent parties, nothing has moved.

NEPAL: Kathmandu under siege- What next? Update 53.

        Note No. 236                23. 08. 2004


by Dr. S. Chandrasekharan. 

The Maoists affiliated trade unions imposed an “indefinite blockade” on the capital, Kathmandu from 18th August.  It is said that not a single vehicle has come through Thankot the entrance to the capital!  No one was willing to defy the Maoists and it is said that the Maoists note the numbers of the vehicles defying the ban and take on them subsequently.  Some vehicles with covered number plates were seen plying in the high way to Kathmandu. 


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