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The USA's Afghan Ops: critical analysis IX

Paper No. 370                                             07-12-2001

by B. Raman

 It is already two months since the US-led war against terrorism was launched in Afghanistan and it will shortly be three since the horrendous terrorist strikes of September 11,2001, in the US.


Paper no. 1117


The Non Proliferation Treaty that entered into force in 1970 was indefinitely extended in 1995.

NPT REVIEW CONFERENCE 2000: so near yet so far

               Paper no. 118


Paper no. 224          05. 04. 2001

by  Dr. S. Chandrasekharan

Nuclear weapons, like all technology are morally and politically neutral . . . Weapons are not actors but pliant tools to be used or misused by fallible human beings. : Ernest W. Lefever, Foreign Affairs. , November/ December 2000. USA

Chashma Power Plant: Chasnupp will continue to be accident prone

Paper no. 295          16. 08. 2001

by Dr. S. Chandrasekharan

In a recent paper ( we had referred to a possible nuclear accident in the Chinese supplied Chashma nuclear power station that was formally inaugurated in May 2001 after a trial run of over one year.  The station is said to have been closed down for a few days.    There has been no reference to the accident in the media except for strong denials from the authorities.

Nuclear Pakistan : Implications for National and International Security

Paper no.429    20. 03. 2002


 by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra

Nuclear threats in the post cold war world can be discussed in a wide spectrum of vulnerable security scenarios ranging from the possible involvement of either the state or non-state actors to the motivated opportunistic collaboration of the two.

PAKISTAN'S NUCLEAR BLACKMAILING: Spreading fear of nuclear terror


Paper no. 482           26. 06. 2002

  by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra   


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