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China: Party Plenum and supreme leader Hu Jintao


Paper 1128                                                    28.09.2004

Guest Column-by D.S. Rajan                                     

BHUTAN: Internationalisation of Refugee Issue- gathering momentum: Update 42.


Note no. 246                        08.11.2004

by  Dr. S. Chandrasekharan

China: Future Policy Directions under Hu Jintao


Paper 1142                                                     12.10.2004

Guest Column-by D.S.Rajan                

Hu Jintao Era:



Paper 1106                                                    01.09.2004

 Guest Column-by Col R Hariharan (retd.) 

Bangladesh and India: Time to build a synergy in security


Paper 1117                                                    16.09.2004

Guest Column-by Col R Hariharan, VSM (retd.)

We hear of a silent generation, more concerned with security than integrity, with conforming than performing, with imitating than creating. –Thomas J Watson

A field day for terrorism

GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER: Politicisation of Crime in Bangladesh


Paper 1158                                                    05.11.2004

Guest Column-by Col R Hariharan (retd.) 

Parliament Proceedings- the need for restraint:

The behavioural conflict between the ideologically polarised forces in India might be a law of nature, but if it turns into a political confrontation affecting the democratically      established system then it is the society that gets affected. The happenings during the current Budget session of Parliament need introspection by the elected representatives of the country and their fellow travellers in the media.


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