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China: Its Rise and The Fault Lines:

Paper No. 6595                  Dated 13-June- 2020

Guest Column:  By Gurvinder Singh

On 26 Dec 1991, the empire called Soviet Union dissolved into 15 Republics. The  CIA  along with all the innumerable 'experts' in 'Think Tanks, Media, US State Department The Pentagon were all caught by surprise   This was at a time when experts saw the Soviet Union as an  extremely powerful one and none of them even had an inkling as to the likely collapse of the USSR.

I mention the Soviet Union collapse, so readers can get a perspective on the reliability of so called experts on China.

Nothing, about China is, as it seems. The opacity of the [Communist Party of China and its adroitness in concealing information to mislead the world and its own people is legendary. With the narrative brought to us by 'experts' confined to their narrow disciplines and specialties makes understanding China indeed very challenging. One should not be taken in by propaganda and biased media reports, but study and verify the underlying facts, if one really wants to know the truth.

Hate blinds us to virtue and love blinds us to flaws. China too has its haters and lovers. Lovers because many politicians, financiers, media, universities and government servants are busy in bed with.  They toe and follow the CCP line of propaganda and strategy all the time.

The CCP has so brilliantly compromised most levers of power across the world, by using a mixture of bribery, blackmail and life threats, that it would make a blockbuster fictional crime story pale in comparison.

Now as dark clouds gather on the horizon, many of these powerful but compromised entities, lobbies and interest groups are busy convincing their constituencies, governments and the public of the need to be respectful, to cooperate, in fact submit to China. Not because this is right, because they want to protect themselves and their interests.

The article in this website [China, a country on steroids]( explains the gigantic quantum and sources of finance that fuelled China's rapid growth.

In an upcoming multi part series I will cover,

* What are the other key parameters that have driven China's remarkable perceived rise.

* Chinese fault lines, and the convergence of very powerful hostile forces against China.

* Share with readers information and analysis covering economics, finance, politics, technology, governance demographics, and military factors concerning China, indicating the ominous trends the fragility and the hollowness of China's power.

The imminent collapse of the China's  regime will cause great disturbance to the world, but will create great opportunities to build a better world. Those countries and organisations who prepare themselves for this tectonic shift will benefit the most.

It is relevant to remember that- Even a Sun expands and burns brightest, just before it collapses.

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Gurvinder Singh is a widely travelled and experienced former industrialist who devotes his life to awaken himself and by association others to make the world a better place. He can be contacted by email and web site www,