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NEPAL:update No.7- The Maoists make a devastating attack at Dolpa:


Note no. 116

by  S.Chandrasekharan

Maoists strike with a vengeance:

NEPAL: Update no. 6: Koirala’s visit ends up as an "agenda free trip":


Note No. 112                                 

by  S.Chandrasekharan    

Koirala’s week long visit to India: It is said that Public memory is short. But the institutional memory of the Indian government cannot be short.

NEPAL: update no.5: Nepali Congress needs serious introspection:


Note No. 102

by S.Chandrasekharan    


NEPAL: update no. 4: G.P.Koirala takes over:


Paper no. 110

Nepal update: The Maoist menace-Part II


Paper No. 102

(May be read along with the previous paper on the subject: The Maoist menace continues)

Nepal update : The Maoist menace continues:

General Elections in Nepal - a Preliminary Assessment:



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