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Islamic Affairs

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URDU CONTROVERSY- is dividing the nation further.

Paper No. 675                                                  01/05/2003

by R. Upadhyay

MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW: Should it be politicised?

Paper No. 666                                              21/04/2003

by R.Upadhyay

SHAH WALI ULLAH's POLITICAL THOUGHT - Still a major obstacle against modernisation of Indian Muslims.

Paper No. 629                                                  10/03/2003

by   R.Upadhyay 

ALIGARH MOVEMENT - Could it fulfil the dream of Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan?

Paper No. 611                                        20/02/2003

by R. Upadhyay 

ISLAMIC INSTITUTIONS IN INDIA - Protracted Movement for Separate Muslim Identity?

Paper No. 599                                           06/02/2003

by R Upadhyay

JAMI'AT-UL-ULAMA-I-HIND - Basically a movement for religious nationalism.

Paper No. 586                                          17/01/2003

by R.Upadhyay


Paper No. 552                                              25/11/2002

by R. Upadhyay 

It is sad but true that movements launched by various organisations in the name of championing the cause of Indian Muslims have in fact not only kept them in a closed society but also have caused tremendous harm to them.


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