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Islamic Affairs

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ISLAM IN CAMBODIA: Resurgence or Extremism?

Paper No. 701                               02/06/2003

by B. Raman

URDU CONTROVERSY- is dividing the nation further.

Paper No. 675                                                  01/05/2003

by R. Upadhyay

MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW: Should it be politicised?

Paper No. 666                                              21/04/2003

by R.Upadhyay

SHAH WALI ULLAH's POLITICAL THOUGHT - Still a major obstacle against modernisation of Indian Muslims.

Paper No. 629                                                  10/03/2003

by   R.Upadhyay 

ALIGARH MOVEMENT - Could it fulfil the dream of Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan?

Paper No. 611                                        20/02/2003

by R. Upadhyay 

ISLAMIC INSTITUTIONS IN INDIA - Protracted Movement for Separate Muslim Identity?

Paper No. 599                                           06/02/2003

by R Upadhyay

JAMI'AT-UL-ULAMA-I-HIND - Basically a movement for religious nationalism.

Paper No. 586                                          17/01/2003

by R.Upadhyay


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