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INDIAN MUSLIMS - Victims of vote-baiting attitude of political parties

Paper No. 767                                                 19/08/2003

by R. Upadhaya 


Paper No. 743                                           23/07/2003

by B. Raman, CAMP US 

The high-profile visit of Maulana Fazlur Rahman, the controversial leader of the Jamiat-ul-ulema Islam (JUI) of Pakistan,   to India and the attention accorded to him in governmental and non-governmental circles in New Delhi are being viewed by many India-watchers in the US with a mix of bewilderment and concern. 

MADRASA EDUCATION IN INDIA- Is it to sustain medieval attitude among Muslims?

Paper No. 730                                      02/07/2003

by R.Upadhyay.

MUSLIM MAJLIS MUSHAWARAT – An opportunity to de-communalise Indian society-missed.

Paper No. 702                                               02/06/2003

by R.Upadhyay

De-communalisation of Indian society has all along before and after partition been a prominent agenda of all the rational forces political, social or religious of this sub-continent. Formation of Muslim Majlish-e-Mushawarat in 1964 was one such attempt in this direction.  The movement failed, in  the absence of an honest and rational initiative on the part of its leadership.  

ISLAM IN CAMBODIA: Resurgence or Extremism?

Paper No. 701                               02/06/2003

by B. Raman

URDU CONTROVERSY- is dividing the nation further.

Paper No. 675                                                  01/05/2003

by R. Upadhyay

MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW: Should it be politicised?

Paper No. 666                                              21/04/2003

by R.Upadhyay


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