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THE IRAQ WAR: Change of Gear


Paper No. 651                                                03.04.2003

by B. Raman 

This may please be read in continuation of my earlier article titled “The Make-Believe and the Real War”. 

US in Operation Iraqi Freedom: An Indian Viewpoint


Paper No. 650                                                01.04.2003

by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra 

IRAQ-The 3rd Millennia Theatre of War was Aryan Rann-Bhoomi in 2nd Millennia BC


Paper No. 648                                                 31.03.2003

by K Gajendra Singh


Paper No. 647                                                    30.03.2003


by B. Raman

IRAQ: The Make-Believe & The Real War

Paper No. 646                           28.03.2003


by B. Raman

NORTHERN IRAQ & TURKEY: Historical setting and strategic objectives.


Paper No. 640                                                  25.03.2003

by K Gajendra Singh

US ATTACKS IRAQ – Lessons from the wars in the region.


Paper No. 639                                                 22.03.2003

by K.Gajendra Singh 

It is an illegal war. Based on CIA reports US missiles targeted Saddam Hussein on 20 March morning in an assassination attempt and failed. The attacks have been strongly condemned by 3 UN Security Council members and other nations around the world.


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