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POWEL VISITS ANKARA to repair ruptured US-Turkish relations.


Paper No. 653                                                05.04.2003

by K. Gajendra Singh

 "Kirkuk is a disaster waiting to happen," Human Right Watch

THE IRAQ WAR: Change of Gear


Paper No. 651                                                03.04.2003

by B. Raman 

This may please be read in continuation of my earlier article titled “The Make-Believe and the Real War”. 

US in Operation Iraqi Freedom: An Indian Viewpoint


Paper No. 650                                                01.04.2003

by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra 

IRAQ-The 3rd Millennia Theatre of War was Aryan Rann-Bhoomi in 2nd Millennia BC


Paper No. 648                                                 31.03.2003

by K Gajendra Singh


Paper No. 647                                                    30.03.2003


by B. Raman

IRAQ: The Make-Believe & The Real War

Paper No. 646                           28.03.2003


by B. Raman

NORTHERN IRAQ & TURKEY: Historical setting and strategic objectives.


Paper No. 640                                                  25.03.2003

by K Gajendra Singh


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