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My Take on L'affaire Petraeus

Paper No. 5289                                         Dated 11-Nov-2012

By B.Raman

In the history of the USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), there have been three instances of Directors coming to grief because of their perceived wrong-doings.

2.Richard M.Helms (1966-73) was removed by President Richard Nixon from office because of his alleged disloyalty to the President during the Watergate enquiry.

Pakistani Intelligence Base in Colombo


Paper No. 5226                                                                                29-Sept-2012

By B. Raman

In an article written on June 12, 2004, I had inter alia stated as follows:

“For its intelligence-collection and covert action operations directed against India, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) uses four external bases - Kathmandu, Dubai, Bangkok and Colombo.

FBI in New Delhi

Note No.36

[ Some may have missed the Hindustan Times front page story by Jay Raina on 22 September 1999. It is reproduced at the end. ]

The story is too brief and does not give much details, but it is probably due to the nature of the story. It may also be due to the fact that the country is in what is quaintly described as "election mode".

Kargil Committee Report and Intelligence

Note No. 91


Paper No. 7

by B. Raman 

What has been described by strategic analysts as the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA), due to the strides in the information and communication technologies, has been accompanied by a similar, but as yet inadequately analysed Revolution in Intelligence Matters (RIM) . 

Revamp of Pakistani Intelligence

Paper No. 27

A revamp of the Pakistani intelligence community is underway. 




Paper No.84

Threats to national security could be external and internal, overt and covert, direct and indirect and conventional and non-conventional.


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