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Indian Political Party

BJP: In search of a viable political order ?

            Note No. 53

".For us power has never been an end by itself, but the means to an end.... Nothing can stop us from finding for the BJP its rightful place in history as the force that fired a resurgent India " -   Kushabahu Thakre at NEC meet of Party on 3rd November, 1999.

National Democratic Alliance: Attempt to make it a national movement:

          Note No. 51

"No. We should not turn back. We will make use of our experience in the Janata Party. We shall move ahead on the strength of our original thinking and principles."


Paper No. 89

The BJP has made considerable progress in the Parliamentary Elections of 1998 and 1999 in southern States. Does this mean an expansion of its ideological base in southern heartland or is it due to opportunistic electoral alliances? For Vajpayee it is a struggle between head and heart. While his heart goes for the Hindutva, he is aware that in the long-term interest of the party, he has to be realistic.


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