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BJP and Coalition Politics: managing the inevitable

             Paper No. 79

"Political instability in the States, at its most malignant, has a constitutional cure-imposition of President’s rule. But there is no constitutional cure for political instability at the centre. The only remedy is political readiness of all parties to subscribe to coalition politics." ---- Vajpayee in "Dogma and Dilemma" in 1971.

The BJP and RSS on the “Foreigner Issue”-

 Paper No. 65

Chanakya, for strategic reasons arranged the marriage of Chandragupta Maurya with the daughter of Seleucus Nikator after the Greek General was defeated in the battle.  But, it was laid down that no progeny from the marriage could inherit the throne of Magadh---  A historical reference to the “foreigner” issue.


Note No. 109

by  R.Upadhyay

It is unfortunate and unethical to say the least, of reports in the Press about successor to Vajpayee when there are no confirmed reports about his illness. Worse still, value judgements are being made about the successors. This paper attempts to put the whole issue of Vajapyee’s succession in its perspective--Director

Evolving political strategy of CPM: BJP the main political threat now:

              Note No. 104

by  R.Upadhyay

In a recently published draft updated programme of the party, the CPM appears to be making a major paradigm shift in its political strategy. It now considers the BJP as threat number one thus relegating Congress as a lesser evil.

The case of West Bengal:

BJP: Vajpayee’s ascendancy and BJP’s decline: An analysis.

Note No. 100

A pattern of sharp contradiction between the national acceptability of Vajpayee and decline in the electoral acceptability of his party is emerging.

This shows that the coalition experiment at the centre may keep the BJP in power under his leadership, but it may not succeed in achieving its ideological goal for which the party has been striving for last fifty years.

THE CONGRESS IN TURMOIL: the need for a healthy opposition:

Note No. 96

"All said and done, the Congress has a history, it is still a positive force compared to negative forces like those represented by the Rashtriya Janata Dal, the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party. " (BJP leader in Hindu, May 26)

REVIEW OF THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION: Let the political parties look to nation’s interest and not theirs.

             Note No. 95


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