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India-China Border Dispute

Paper No. 5469                                     Dated 23-Apr-2013

By B. Raman

(To be read in continuation of my article of November 6, 2012, titled “Chinese Checkers” carried by “Outlook” in its online edition at

The Bengaluru Blast

Paper No. 5464                                     Dated 19-April-2013

By B.Raman

( Written at the request of “The Times of India”. Carried by it on April 19,2013, at

United States-India Strategic Partnership no Longer Strategic nor a Partnership

Paper No. 5461                                          Dated 16-Apr-2013

By Dr. Subhash Kapila

Introductory Observations

Reviewing the US-India Strategic Partnership after more than a decade of it being in existence the regrettable conclusion reached is that expectations which India and its strategic community had invested in it have not materialised.

The Case against Jagdish Tytler

Paper No. 5458                                          Dated 12-Apr-2013

By B. Raman

In its online edition, “Outlook” has carried a detailed chronology of the case against Jagdish Tytler, a functionary of the Congress (I), in connection with allegations of his involvement in the murder of some Sikhs during the massacre of about 3000 Sikhs in certain areas of Delhi after the assassination of Indira Gandhi by two of her Sikh bodyguards from the Delhi Police on October 31, 1984.

Fisheries in Palk Bay: Facts, Fist Fights and Remedies

Paper No. 5456                                        Dated 10-Apr-2013

Guest Column by Commodore R. S. Vasan (Retd.)

It is difficult not to come across print or a visual media report that does not carry news almost on a daily basis, about the intrusion of the Indian fishermen in to Sri Lankan waters and being apprehended by the SL Navy.

Sri Lanka: Attacks on Muslims, a new ball-game

Paper No. 5450                                      Dated 5-Apr-2013

Guest Column: Dr Kumar David

When Lanka’s civil war ended in May 2009 with the extermination of the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) it was thought that thirty years of strife was over and military victory would usher in stability and economic progress.

Need for Caution on Space-Related Academic Exchanges with China

Paper No. 5449                                        Dated 04-April-2013

By B. Raman

According to a report carried by “The Hindu” of April 4, 2013, “the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), a Government-run research university known for its work on China’s space programme, signed on April 3 a first of its kind Memorandum of  Understanding (MOU) with Karnataka-based Manipal University paving the way for closer collaboration on joint research projects.”


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