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Setback to India’s Pak Policy and the China Factor

Paper No. 6099                               Dated 12-Apr-2016

By Bhaskar Roy

Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit practically scuttled the progress of the bilateral peace process when he indicated (April 07) in New Delhi that the talks between India and Pakistan was suspended, and there was no reciprocal visit on agenda by an Indian investigation team to Pakistan. 

China unmasks its Connivance in Pakistan’s State-Sponsored Terrorism

Paper No. 6096                                  Dated 07-Apr-2016

By Dr Subhash Kapila

China once again unmasks its connivance in Pakistan’s state-sponsored terrorism when last month it vetoed in the United Nations a resolution supported by all other Security Council and other members designating JEM Chief Azhar Masood as an international terrorist, notwithstanding the fact that the Pak ISI-supported JEM stands designated as an international terrorist organisation.

China: The Interconnection between Tradition and the Thinking of leaders in Modern Era

Paper No. 6094                                 Dated 04-Apr-2016

By D.S. Rajan

Politics of China’s Military Reorganization

Paper No. 6092                                Dated 30-Mar-2016

By Bhaskar Roy

Public Policy and Governance in China-the Role of the Chinese Communist Party

Paper No. 6090                                Dated 28-Mar-2016

By D. S. Rajan

China’s Defence Budget 2016-What it spells

Paper No. 6087                                   Dated 15-Mar-2016

By Bhaskar Roy

On March 5, China declared one of its lowest increase in defence budget since it started modernization under Revolution in Military Affairs (RFA).  The increase of 7.6 percent, taking defence spending for 2016 to approximately US $ 146 billion, is the first single digit increase in the last six years.

India’s Military Vulnerabilities against China-Pakistan Axis

Paper No. 6086                                  Dated 15-Mar-2016

By Dr Subhash Kapila

India stands militarily vulnerable today against any China-Pakistan Axis military adventurism targeting India as a result of the virtually criminal neglect of India’s war-preparedness during the ten years of the previous Government in a repeat of the pre-1962 Nehruvian syndrome.


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