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South Asia Analysis Group is a non profit  non commercial think tank.  

The objective of the group is to advance strategic analysis and contribute to the expansion of knowledge of Indian and International security and promote public understanding. In so doing, the SAAG seeks to address the decision makers,  strategic planners, academics and the media in South Asia and the world at large.  

The group holds the concept of strategy in its broadest meaning-including mobilization and application of all resources to understand national and international security.  

The articles in this site are provided by scholars with many years of experience in political and strategic analysis.  

The aim of the group is not to compete with Governments, Academics, NGOs or other institutions dealing with strategic analysis and national security but to provide another point of view for the decision makers and other national/international think tanks.  


One Academic who visits the site regularly said that the "site is simple and effective." The site is indeed simple in design and it is easy to get familiar in a few minutes.   It does not have any fanciful stuff but has adequate features for serious research scholars to go directly into the paper or subject he or she needs to know.


Starting from the home page, the hyperlinked "About us" gives the objectives of the South Asia Analysis group and what it stands for.

Next is the feature "Latest" which normally has papers and updates uploaded in the last two weeks.

The boxes " Updates" and "Papers" have a complete list of all the  Updates in one group and Papers in another group, hyper linked to the respective articles.   By this we mean that any double click on the list would take the researcher to the particular article directly.


Forum is an interactive feature meant for readers to express their views on any issue of common interest.  Articles worthy of attention and relevant to the objectives of the South Asia Analysis Group could also be posted . Avoid using fictitious names and email addresses.  Please see the instructions for forum users.  Personal attacks and abusive languages may be avoided.  While SAAG is not legally responsible for the articles posted, it reserves the right to delete any offensive posting.  


There is a search engine in the box noted "search" It is not a powerful one but adequate for searching the limited database of SAAG.


Comments, additional inputs, suggestions or for that matter anything within the objectives of the Group that could enhance the understanding of the subject will be welcome.  A click on the box would automatically take the researcher to the E-mail address.  Our address, telephone and fax numbers are given in the Home Page for the benefit of the readers.